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Your Next Stop with Juliet Hahn

Sep 12, 2022

In this episode of Your Next Stop, Dr. Jane Tornatore, an author, therapist, speaker, and ADHD/Dyslexia individual, shares her inspiring story of overcoming adversity to become a successful business woman.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The power of storytelling to connect us and make us feel not alone
  2. How our experiences shape how we see life
  3. The importance of knowing your body and choosing the right medication or treatment option for you.

Dr. Jane Tornatore is a brain geek and self-compassion expert based in Seattle, WA. As a psychotherapist, coach, speaker, and author, she works with intelligent, motivated, high-achieving women who are committed to being better people, yet, they never feel better ENOUGH–Women who want to finally like themselves and stop second-guessing their decisions. What separates her from other coaches and therapists is her down to earth, humorous, practical, and SIMPLE approach. Her superpower is seeing what keeps people stuck.  And because of this, her clients become aware of the unconscious beliefs that keep them trapped and unsatisfied, so they can choose thoughts and actions that actually work for them rather than making them feel like crap. She received a Master’s degree at the University of Illinois, and a PhD at the University of Minnesota. She has authored over 20 articles and published a book—Everything is Perfect, Just Not ME! A Roadmap for Self-Acceptance.

Remarkable Quote:

That's one thing I always say to my kids, listen, I want you to do the best that you can, and there's things I expect from you, and there's things that you know what? It's just it is what it is, and we all need to know our strengths and weaknesses, and it's important, and it's okay to have weaknesses. Weaknesses actually make us stronger in certain things.” - Juliet Hahn


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